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One focus of our work is in the legal areas of immigration law and residence law. We advise our clients from all over the world on their questions regarding immigration to Austria. We represent them vis-à-vis authorities in applying for residence titles for themselves and their families. We fight against rejecting decisions and appeal on behalf of our clients before administrative courts, the Administrative Court of Appeal (VwGH)or even the European Court of Human Rights.

Immigration preparation

The decision to leave one’s current place of residence and move to another country requires determination, strength and, above all, thorough information. We specialise in legal issues related to immigration and residence in Austria and provide our clients with comprehensive advice and support. From the first idea of immigrating to Austria, to applying for a residence title, to dealing with the authorities, to achieving the right of permanent residence, we stand by our clients.

Red-White-Red Card and other residence titles

People who have neither Austrian nor EU or EEA citizenship need a residence title for a permanent stay in Austria (for more than six months). If there are no family ties to Austria and asylum cannot be granted, a Red-White-Red Card can be obtained by providing proof of education and professional qualifications. This is a residence title and an employment permit in one document.

In order to obtain this document, an employer must first be found in Austria, or a company must be founded (whereby relatively high investments are necessary) and then numerous documents and papers must be prepared and submitted to the competent authorities. The processing of such an application then usually takes several weeks to months.

We advise our clients comprehensively on the preparation and handle the application process for a Red-White-Red Card or other residence title.

Appeals against decisions and other legal remedies

Especially in the field of immigration and residence law, it happens that the application processes at authorities cause unexpected problems. It may be that documents that are difficult to obtain have to be submitted at very short notice or that applications are not processed for weeks or months. Sometimes it also happens that well-founded applications are rejected and applicants find themselves in existential danger as a result.

We stand by our clients in such situations as a reliable partner. Sometimes a short phone call to the competent case worker is enough, in other cases legal remedies such as appeals against decisions, appeals against delays or applications for reinstatement in the previous status have to be filed in order to prevent the withdrawal of residence titles or the issuing of return decisions.

Our focus is on conducting administrative proceedings before immigration authorities and administrative courts. You can rely on us to provide you with the best possible representation there.

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