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3 Feb, 2022

Checklist documents for citizenship in Austria

documents for citizenship

What documents must be prepared when applying for Austrian citizenship?

I recently received the following enquiry from Ahmed from Vienna:

Hello, my name is Ahmed, I come from Egypt and have been living in Austria for seven years now. I completed a technical degree in Egypt and was able to obtain a Red-White-Red card for highly qualified workers, which I have been able to convert into an EU permanent residence title in the meantime.

I am very satisfied with my life in Austria, would like to stay here permanently and apply for Austrian citizenship. I assume that I meet all the requirements for being granted citizenship and am now wondering which documents have to be submitted to the competent authority when applying.

However, my first search on the internet only revealed that I will be informed about the required documents during an initial interview at the immigration office. However, I already have experience with the Austrian immigration authorities and know that the staff there are sometimes not as helpful as I would like them to be. I want to know in advance what bureaucratic hurdles I can expect when applying for Austrian citizenship.


Dear Ahmed, this checklist gives you an initial overview of which documents may be necessary when applying for Austrian citizenship. Please note, however, that in individual cases further documents may be required which are not listed here. This largely depends on the authority responsible for your application.

Dr. Alexander Raidl, BA

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